Lights, Camera.....(not quite action)

Today’s the day our handcrafted zinc bar is going in. After finally getting our vision in real life things are getting very exciting at the house of Settebello. Our days are long and sleep .. well what’s that, it’s all paying off.

We chose zinc for the bar not only for the great durability it has, but for the character and the rustic charm it produces over time. Zinc is also completely recyclable with 30% of total zinc production from recycled metal. Numerous celebrity chefs including Raymond Blanc have opted for this metal within his restaurants as interior features and bar tops. So if it’s good enough for Raymond it’s good enough for us hey!

Zinc is a relatively soft metal which over time will create everyday dents and show the marks which will bear a story of every experience within Settebello. These dents and marks are there to be appreciated and add to the character of the metal. It is classed as a ‘living’ material and discolouration will happen when acidic foods and other substances come into contact.

So with this all in mind we believed this to be the best choice for what we wanted our bars story to portray.

Now with the actual bar in place we beat get back to ordering the essentials to fill it ....

see you all soon