Ahhhhhhh finally we can say we are open this month!!

What can only be described of feeling like a lifetime of planning, meetings, endless phone calls, even more emails sent, sleepless nights and obviously tasting every single item in the building. Yes even the wine (sorry we have to have some perks to the job)

We cannot thank you all involved for your hard work, patience and more than anything making dreams becoming reality. This is a dream of 3 Italian brothers for over 20 years, they wanted to create the atmosphere they all have every evening having a family dinner with beautifully fresh food that felt like 'home' to them. Relaxed atmosphere, great food but more importantly time spent together. With the knowledge and traditions they have brought over from Italy and the fantastic work of our Executive Chef. The experience at Settebello is like nothing around. 16 DAYS / 403 hours till those handcrafted doors open and all I can hope for is our endless list of things still do comes to an end. With the operations director and our pr manager making sure every single thing is perfect even down to every screw in the building, nothing in the restaurant as been done half hearted. This way of working operationally will never stop and everyday, every shift, every dish delivered will have the same amount of care and love put into it as the one before and the next one. Training our staff has began and what a fantastic team there is. Our in house trainers have over 40 years experience combined with it ranging from Raymond Blanc restaurants, Jamie Oliver restaurants and even the heart of the cotswolds Barnsley House. Together a little essence of everything and our new vision we have created something pretty magical in our eyes. Our in house training scheme is not here is a notepad here is your uniform and go. It is a high intense two week course which goes through every part to ensure every guests experience is to a high standard and which you receive the same level of care and attention every single time, from coming in for a coffee in between shopping trips to a special occasion feast booking. The training course includes menu tests, cocktail and liquor classes, history and culture of Southern Italy to holding plates. So if you have worked in restaurants before or never even set foot in one by the end of the course and constant ongoing daily training everything will be like second nature. Our senior management don't just stop after this two week course, constantly researching new flavours of the Mediterranean and standards of food service to deliver to the staff to deliver to you.

All that in mind my list of things to do is not getting any shorter .... if i'm honest another 4 things have been added to it since writing this.

Grazie and see you all on the 18th November


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