Provenance – to provide a mix of local and sustainable ingredients along with bespoke Italian ingredients to ensure Authenticity.

Culture - With 4 generations of experience in the food industry , in the UK and Italy we will provide honest Southern Italian Cuisine to the highest standard and service designed to give our Customers an unrivalled dining experience.

Our Flour – For our Pizzas , We only use Caputo “00” Flour – Caputo is the brand name and recognised  Industry wide as the ONLY Flour to use to make Neapolitan Pizzas because of it’s strong , elastic gluten, that is ideal for dough that requires long fermentation . There are 2 different types we use depending on the temperature and climate.

We also supply an option, which is a proprietary blend of rice and potato starches, rice and soy flour, sugar, thickeners and dietary fiber. These all-natural ingredients are also naturally gluten free.

Our Tomatoes - For our Pizzas, We only Use San Marzano Tomatoes – San Marzano tomatoes are naturally sweeter and less acidic than other types of Tomatoes and have less seeds and juice, and more tomato flesh. Therefore you won’t get a soggy base. If the rules above aren’t adhered to, then it isn’t a Neapolitan Pizza. And if it isn’t a Neapolitan Pizza, Then it isn’t really a Pizza!

Our Pasta Sauce (Ragu) we use Strianese Peeled Plum tomatoes and Cherry Tomatoes , that are juicy, sweet and more suited to slow, long cooking to obtain optimum flavour.

Our Dough – Traditionally , not strictly a sourdough , more a hybrid using very little yeast and long fermentation to increase flavour.

Other Flour – For bread , pasta and pastries etc. we use a mix of locally sourced flours and Tipo “00” flours from Italy.

Responsibly Sourced – Our relationship with our Suppliers emphasises our desire for Sustainable , responsibly sourced ingredients.