Provenance – to provide a mix of local and sustainable ingredients along with bespoke Italian ingredients to ensure Authenticity.

Culture - With 4 generations of experience in the food industry , in the UK and Italy we will provide honest Southern Italian Cuisine to the highest standard and service designed to give our Customers an unrivalled dining experience.

Our Flour – For our Pizzas , We only use Caputo “00” Flour – Caputo is the brand name and recognised  Industry wide as the ONLY Flour to use to make Neapolitan Pizzas because of it’s strong , elastic gluten, that is ideal for dough that requires long fermentation . There are 2 different types we use depending on the temperature and climate.

We also supply an option, which is a proprietary blend of rice and potato starches, rice and soy flour, sugar, thickeners and dietary fiber. These all-natural ingredients are also naturally gluten free.

Our Tomatoes - For our Pizzas, We only Use San Marzano Tomatoes – San Marzano tomatoes are naturally sweeter and less acidic than other types of Tomatoes and have less seeds and juice, and more tomato flesh. Therefore you won’t get a soggy base. If the rules above aren’t adhered to, then it isn’t a Neapolitan Pizza. And if it isn’t a Neapolitan Pizza, Then it isn’t really a Pizza!

Our Pasta Sauce (Ragu) we use Strianese Peeled Plum tomatoes and Cherry Tomatoes , that are juicy, sweet and more suited to slow, long cooking to obtain optimum flavour.

Our Dough – Traditionally , not strictly a sourdough , more a hybrid using very little yeast and long fermentation to increase flavour.

Other Flour – For bread , pasta and pastries etc. we use a mix of locally sourced flours and Tipo “00” flours from Italy.

Responsibly Sourced – Our relationship with our Suppliers emphasises our desire for Sustainable , responsibly sourced ingredients.

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Trattoria Reservations
     Monday to Saturday 12 noon – 10pm
Sunday 12 noon – 9pm



Monday to Saturday 12 noon – 11pm 
Sunday 12 noon – 10pm


In the south of Italy, the dinner table is sacrosanct and mealtimes are all about family and conviviality. Our biggest desire is to convey those values to our guests and hope that when you walk through our doors, you feel like you are in Italy, feasting around an Italian family.