The Settebello is the most important card in a Neapolitan Card game called Scopa. Settebello means    “ The Beautiful 7 ” ,  but in this context it’s supposed to be something similar to the “Lucky 7”. So if you can imagine outside a village bar in Italy with some old men having a game of Cards and shouting at each other, they’re probably playing Scopa and they’re probably chasing the Settebello! 

The Food

Southern Italian cuisine and indeed , Italian food in general is all about the food itself. It’s not about the skill of the chef to make a dish look fancy, it’s about cooking good quality produce well to give a maximum taste sensation.
Many of the dishes on our menu have their origins from  the “Cucina Povera” ideal. cucina povera is an Italian phrase that means “cooking of the poor,” or “peasant cooking.” It was food that was born out of necessity and financial constraints which has now become a very fashionable  style of Italian cooking . As times have improved, naturally  there have been more luxurious dishes added also. 
In the South of Italy , the dinner table is Sacrosanct, and meal times are all about Family and Conviviality.
Our  biggest desire is to convey those values to our customers and hope that when you walk through our doors , you feel like you are in Italy and that you are eating around an Italian Family dining table.  
The Main staples of the Southern Italian and Neapolitan Menu are Pizza and Pasta , but there is so much more to our Menu than that. We aim to source the finest ingredients possible and highest quality produce by using a mix of authentic Italian goods alongside using the best local suppliers available.








Our Vegetarian Policy

At Settebello we don’t have a separate “Veggie” menu or section on the menu. There are 2 reasons for this. Firstly, we don’t feel the need to as, with Southern Italian cuisine, there are naturally a wide variety of traditional Vegetarian dishes and it forms a very high proportion of our Menu. We are sure you will find plenty of Vegetarian dishes to choose from.
Secondly, and more importantly however, we don’t want Vegetarians to feel uncomfortable and different by highlighting  and bringing attention to their requirements. We are all the same. 
We also provide Vegan and Gluten free options and it goes without saying that every dish on the menu will have the necessary information against it. 
If you have any queries whatsoever , or have any other Allergies or Intolerances, please don’t hesitate to ask our staff, for further information, and they will be only too pleased to help.


Pasta is very important in Italian Cuisine and has become increasingly popular all around the world .  We pride ourselves on the Quality and Authenticity of our Pasta dishes only using the best ingredients and authentic recipes and we take this very seriously. This is why you can rest assured that there are certain dishes that we will never put on our Menu. These include:
“Spag Bol” – Spaghetti Bolognaise is a dish that people from Bologna do not even associate with for a number of reasons. They are more likely to make a meaty sauce called a Ragu, and they would more than likely serve it with Fettucine rather than Spaghetti . The Ragu should be a Rich Tomato, Meaty , Garlicky  sauce, and it doesn’t have Mushrooms or Peppers or anything else in it. 











Pizza was invented in Naples, it is the home of Pizza , and to this day the best Pizzas in the World come from Naples. They truly are different to any Pizza anywhere. 

The Dough should be light and airy and the outside of the Pizza should have a soft yet slightly charred and crispy raised rim , which is called the Cornicione. The Pizza should melt in your mouth and not leave you Bloated. 
Settebello will replicate that by using a Pizza Oven imported from one of the finest Pizza Oven Manufacturers in Naples and the Staff making the Pizzas (which in Italy is a trade in itself) are called “Pizzaioli”.

We are bringing the Pizzaioli in direct from Naples because they know everything there is to know about making Pizzas. In Naples , There is  even an Association that only allows members to be affiliated if they adhere to the strict guidelines. We intend to become Members of the AVPN (Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletane) but will have to prove ourselves. 
What we discovered when we spoke to and interviewed  many Pizza experts in Naples was that they had an enormous passion and sense of pride in their Pizza, it means everything to them and it quickly became clear that there are certain golden rules that cannot be broken . With this in mind :

We only use Caputo “00” Flour – Caputo is the brand name and recognised Industry wide as the ONLY Flour to use to make Neapolitan Pizzas.
We only Use San Marzano Tomatoes – San Marzano tomatoes are Naturally sweeter and less acidic than other types of Tomatoes and have less seeds and juice, and more Tomato flesh. Therefore you won’t get  a soggy base. (Mary Berry will be happy)

We only use Fior di Latte Cheese rather than Mozzarella. Widely recognised as the better cheese to use because it is creamier and retains flavour better when cooked at high temperature. And all the experts also prefer to use the Fior di Latte from one Particular town on the outskirts of Naples which is called Agerola, Which is why we only use Fior di Latte from Agerola.  
We NEVER put Pineapples on Pizza. It just doesn’t belong . Enough said about ! ☺ 
If the rules above aren’t adhered to, then it isn’t a Neapolitan Pizza. And if it isn’t a Neapolitan Pizza, Then it isn’t really a Pizza.

Image by Agence Producteurs Locaux Damie